benefits of summer programs

Benefits of Summer Programs for Children

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
benefits of summer programs

Considering a summer program for your child? Great! These programs can create a wonderful experience for children. At Legacy Academy, we see summer programs as opportunities to keep growing and exploring. Let’s take a look at some specific benefits that your child can get from educational summer options. 

Add Some Structure to the Summer 

A lot of children thrive when they have enough structure in their lives, but summertime doesn’t always provide that structure. Overall, summer’s slow pace is a great thing. It gives children a chance to relax and get away from the usual pressures of school. 

However, if your child is feeling adrift and needs a bit of an anchor, then a summer program may be the answer. It can give your child a reason to get up and get moving, and it means your child will have something specific to look forward to. 

Have Fun While Learning 

Sometimes, the cliches are true. If you make learning fun, then your child can become a lifelong learner. Summer programs at Legacy Academy are a great way to do exactly that. In a summertime educational program, your child will learn new things, especially if that program is centered around an art or science theme. While your child learns, they’ll also get to make new friends and spend time with peers. 

Build Social Skills and Confidence 

Summer programs provide a great way for your child to keep building their social skills. At school, your child sees their peers every day, but during the summer, children can sometimes get a little isolated. After the relative isolation of springtime, your child may be especially eager for some peer to peer interaction. One of the benefits of summer programs is providing your child with the socialization that they crave. Plus, the opportunity to socialize away from parents can help children build their confidence. 

Childcare for Working Parents 

School is out, but you still need excellent childcare. You want to make sure that your child is safe, learning, and having fun while you work. Summer programs provide a great option during the summer. They’re not the usual school experience, but they do provide adult supervision and carefully-planned activities, so you can rest assured that your child is getting exactly what they need this summer. 

Family Conversation 

Running out of conversational topics at the dinner table? A summer program can help your family mix things up a little. By this point, you know that it’s tough to find things to talk about when the family is together all day long. Sometimes you just need to add something new into the mix to get the conversation going. 

Your child’s summer program may be exactly what your family needs. Ask your child what they did, made, or played during the day. The resulting conversation can be a great way to bond with each other. 

Benefits of Summer Programs at Legacy Academy 

Looking for a summer program for your child? Then join us at Legacy Academy in our Quest for the Unknown. At Legacy Academy, we blend fun and education for an amazing learning experience. Your child will be encouraged to ask questions, search for answers, and have fun with their peers at every step of the way. 

Ready to learn more about Quest for the Unknown? Contact us at Legacy Academy today. We’d love to help you enroll your child or answer any questions that you may have.