art activities for preschoolers

4 Mess-Free Art Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on September 28, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy
art activities for preschoolers

We love art activities for preschoolers. They let children express themselves, keep them away from screens, and build those fine motor skills. That said, art activities for preschoolers can get messy. Do you want to help your child with an art activity but don’t want to deal with the stickiness afterward? We understand. That’s why we’ve put together this list of mess-free art activities that you and your little one can try at home.

No-Mess Finger Painting

Finger painting is a great source of sensory play. It’s also a fast way to make a mess. For that matter, some children with sensory issues may not enjoy finger painting at all. Think there’s no way finger painting could be on a list of mess-free art activities for preschoolers? Think again. Believe it or not, you can take the mess out of finger painting.

First, put a few globs of paint on top of some cardstock. Next, slide that cardstock into a clear plastic bag. Close the bag tightly. For added insurance, seal the bag shut with masking tape or even duct tape. Now, your child can finger paint their cardstock through the bag. They can push the paint around to their heart’s content, but they won’t have to wash their hands (or their clothes, the table, the floor, etc.) when they’re done. You can carefully remove the cardstock from the bag to let it dry later.

Shimmery Paper Art Activities

Two things are true about glitter. One, children love it. Two, it never goes away. You know what we mean if you’re still vacuuming glitter from that Valentine’s Day art activity wo years ago. If you’re looking for mess-free art activities for preschoolers, is there a way to indulge your child’s love for shiny things without resorting to glitter?

Yes. This is where shimmery paper comes in. There are lots of art supply stores in Woodruff that can fulfill your shiny paper needs. Bring your child with you to pick out their favorites. Then, use that paper to make art. For example, you might make cutouts and have your child attach them to construction paper. Use tape instead of glue to minimize the mess. Alternately, your child can put their cutouts onto contact paper. Contact paper is sticky on its own but doesn’t leave a mess behind. When your child has finished their art activity, you can hang it up in front of a window and watch the sun reflect off the pretty colors.

Shoebox Rooms

Do you have any old shoeboxes in your house? Then you can use them in your art activities for preschoolers. With some construction paper, safety scissors, and tape, your child has everything they need to create a room for their favorite character. They might make a fairy house, for instance. They can also create a doll house for their favorite dolls or action figures.

Character Masks

Do you have some construction paper, tape, and scissors in the house? Then you have everything you need for some great mess-free art activities for preschoolers. One of our favorites is creating character masks. Just cut out the shape of a mask from your construction paper, cut out some eye holes, and then let your child decorate. Your child can become their favorite animal, superhero, or whatever else they’d like to be that day. This art activity comes with the added bonus of make-believe play.

Art Activities for Preschoolers at Legacy Academy

Need more opportunities for your child to get creative? Legacy Academy can help with that. Our preschool curriculum includes all kinds of creative outlets, including the best art activities for preschoolers. As a bonus, when your child does art activities with us, we handle the clean-up process. Want to learn more about Legacy Academy and what we can do for your child? Contact us today. We’re right here on Woodruff Road.