One question that baffles many new parents is how to integrate the new baby into the everyday parts of family life.

Everyday Ways to Include Your Baby in Family Life

Posted on March 29, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy
One question that baffles many new parents is how to integrate the new baby into the everyday parts of family life.

Welcoming a baby into your family is a life-changing event in many ways. Not only does your identity shift through your new role as caretaker, but you also must adjust your whole life around this new, completely vulnerable little person. One question that baffles many new parents is how to integrate the new baby into the everyday parts of family life. Clearly, there will times for feeding, changing, and sleeping. But how do you include your baby in the parts of your life that aren’t just about your new addition? Here are some simple ideas to help you connect with your baby throughout your regular routine.


Talking to a small baby takes some getting used to, but it’s good for both of you. In fact, the more words you share with your baby, the better. Speaking to your baby helps them develop language and communication skills. This doesn’t mean you need to speak to them constantly or that your “conversations” need to be particularly deep. Instead of worrying about what to say, just spend time narrating your day with them. Explain to your baby what you are doing and what you see. And if your baby seems tired or looks away when you speak to them, it may be time to give them some space to rest. No one likes to be spoken to all the time!


Even though they probably aren’t sharing food at the table yet, mealtimes are a great time to include your baby in family life. Because mealtimes are an everyday occurrence, giving your baby a place at the table (a bouncy seat on the floor or an infant-appropriate high chair) establishes a rhythm in the day. Holding a regular conversation with the other members of your family will offer your baby stimulation and entertainment while continuing to improve their language understanding. Additionally, when it comes time for your child to eat table food, established family mealtimes will make the transition much easier.

Family Walks

Once Mom is cleared by the doctor for physical activity, regular walks are good for her recovery. With this in mind, establish regular family walks for everyone in your home. Taking your baby out for walks each day allows them to see and hear things they will not experience inside your home. From a very young age, children are fascinated by the outdoors. Family walks give you exercise and fresh air while also presenting opportunities to point out birds, flowers, airplanes, and trees to your infant, who is taking everything in for the first time.

Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine is so much more than the steps you take before your baby falls asleep. In fact, bedtime is a part of the family routine that includes many opportunities for bonding with your baby. Even from the time they are born, your baby will benefit from stories and songs. Create traditions of reading books together as a family before bed or looking through a photo album of loved ones. Since bedtime certainly changes when a baby enters your home, try to use that change to add in meaningful routines that will connect you as a family and help them feel even more secure.

A baby disrupts your life in the best possible way. Many things will change, and you will have to adapt to a new set of needs. At the same time, many aspects of your life will be consistent. It’s up to you to gently and intentionally integrate your baby into your life as a whole. By making small efforts to spend time with your baby in everyday moments, soon you won’t even remember life without them. If you are looking for trustworthy childcare for your newest addition, please consider Legacy Academy Woodruff Road. Call or visit today for more information.