preschool birthday party

Tips for Planning a Preschool Birthday Party

Posted on October 31, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

preschool birthday party

A preschooler’s birthday is especially fun to celebrate. Often the preschool years are the first years they understand what a birthday is and get excited about the celebration. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to plan a party for this age. What time, location, or activities are best? Here’s a list of simple tips that make your preschool birthday party a roaring success.


While most preschoolers no longer take naps, they are typically fresher and more able to enjoy events in the morning. Additionally, most families are most available on weekends (hence the popularity of Saturday morning birthday parties). If you are not planning to serve a meal, try to avoid mealtimes. Also, parties that are too early or too late in the day may make it difficult for some families to attend. With all of these considerations combined, the ideal times for a “cake only” party would be at either 10 am or 4 pm.


There are many options available for birthday party venues, from park pavilions to dance studios to ceramics studios. When considering a venue, the first thing to account for is the weather. If you plan your party outdoors, you run the risk of weather that is too hot, cold, or wet to be comfortable. It is always wise to have an indoor alternative available. If you are planning to host an indoor party, your home is a wonderful option if you have the space for guests. If not, there are plenty of other venues available in Greenville. Ranging from piano studios to kiddie spas to trampoline parks, you can see a considerable list of options here.

When choosing a venue to rent, be sure to think of its age-appropriateness. Not every preschooler is ready to sit and paint ceramics or to jump on big trampolines. Be sure to ask questions about the ages they typically serve and what activities are included. Additionally, be sure to look carefully at the party packages. Consider whether on not food, decor, and games are included. It may be worth letting the venue run the party while you sit back and enjoy!


The games and activities you choose for your child’s party do not need to be anything elaborate. They can be as simple as the activities your child loves to do on a regular basis. Crafts, art projects, sensory bins, and simple games are all wonderful additions to a preschool birthday party.

That said, you may want to add some extra-special fun to your child’s celebration. If you are hoping to hire entertainment, there are familiar options like face painting, puppets, and children’s performers. Or, if you hope for something more unique, you could have princesses, superheroes, or even mermaids make an appearance via companies like Once Upon a Dream Princess Parties or Simply Enchanted Parties in Greenville. Whether you choose simple activities or a dramatic guest, your child and her friends will be happy to be together and don’t need to be overscheduled. Aim for a new activity every 20 minutes or so.


An essential component of a successful preschool birthday party is the invitations. Specifically, be sure to get the invitations to guests early enough and with all the necessary information. Plan to send the invitations anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before the party. Be sure to include your child’s first and last name, the address, the date, and the start and end time of the party. Including an end time helps keep your party moving and allows your guests to plan the remainder of their day. Additionally, list any details you want other parents to know. This may include a note about the food you will serve (for allergies), whether or not you expect parents to stay, and when and how you would like to receive RSVPs.

There is not one right way to throw a preschool birthday party. A tea party at home with two close friends or a big bash with all her classmates both allow you to create sweet memories with your child. Many of your decision will be based on your child’s temperament and your budget. Whatever you decide to do, try your best not to stress. Enjoy celebrating your child’s new year! If you are in the market for childcare that will support your family through all your seasons and transitions, be sure to consider Legacy Academy Woodruff Road. Our staff works hard to help every child reach his or her full potential.